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Meter Man (USA)

Electronic counters add a new level of performance and versatility to Meter-man Measuring Wheels. Easy-to-read LCD display shows distances in feet or meters simply by pushing a button! Dual counters measure total distance or segments. A great new way to measure from Meter-man with quality you can count on.
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) show six digits-four whole numbers and two decimals. All functions and displays are clearly identified and easy to read.
The two counters operate in either direction, adding or subtracting accumulated distance.
Long-life 3 volt lithium battery is well protected and easy to replace. Projected battery life is one year.


This function key turns the electronics on when pressed once and clears the existing reading when pressed a second time. If the wheel or the controls are not operated for a period of approximately three minutes, the unit will automatically turn off to conserve battery life, but will continue to retain the data


Select from 3 measuring modes:
Feet + Inches (0000'00")
Feet + hundredths of a foot (0000.00)
Meters + centimeters (0000.00)


This key holds a reading on either the #1 or the #2 counter. Pressing the button once sets the counter (#1 or #2 whichever is displayed) into a HOLD state while allowing the other counter to continue to count. Pressing this button a second time releases the HOLD and clears the counter.


This button alternates the display between the #1 or #2 data. The display indicates a #1 or #2 to indicate which is in use.